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Fragility Fracture Registry

In a landmark stride towards improving patient outcomes, the inaugural Fragility Fracture Registry report has been unveiled, casting a pioneering light on the management and treatment of fragility fractures.

This comprehensive report not only benchmarks current practices but also sets forth a roadmap for enhancing care standards globally.

Through meticulous data compilation and analysis, it offers a deep dive into treatment efficiencies, patient recovery trajectories, and preventive strategies, underscoring the critical need for a paradigm shift in both public awareness and healthcare policies.

Its release marks a significant leap forward in our collective journey towards mitigating the impact of these often overlooked injuries, promising a future where fragility fractures are no longer a silent epidemic but a well-understood and effectively managed health challenge.

2024 Annual Report

The results are in and shows an interesting variance in treatment among the respondents.

The report can be downloaded here.

2024 Annual Report - Electronic Edition (pdf - 14 Mb)

2024 Annual Report - Print Edition (pdf 17 Mb)

2024 Annual Report - Flash Card (pdf 0.5 Mb) as below

Annual Report Cover